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SUMMARY OF ~ProjectOne~

Using ProjectOne is like having your own project management assistant. It helps you create project plans, tack progress, head off problems, and communication important project information quickly and easily. ProjectOne will include Task Management, Appointment, Bug Tracking, Billing, Document Management modules -you can look below for further information about modules. It will be a web based project so any employee can reach the project tracking system and update its database. The is a GNU General Public Lisence project.


Core Module (System Kernel)

System Kernel will deal with control follow of the application. Simply, an implementation of MVC Design pattern.

Admin Module

Administrators can control system information like adding a user and granting permissions to the users. Basically admin has ACL. Besides, system users, project debelopers, clients can be manipulated by this module. It will satisfy all core system needs.

Task Management Module

Deals with controlling the actios which has to be completed in a specific time, schedules, assigns resources. A resource can be a human or a machine- a computer or network printer.Resource usages can be seen by Gainnt views.

Appointment Module

Appointment it to schedule the developers. For example a developer my have a meeting or may be assigned to other project for a short time. This module will help to track a developer apart from the project.

Bug Tracking Module

Bug Tracking module will deal with the bugs in the project clients can access this module from web to enter a new bug to the bug database of the project.

Billing Module

Billing module will deal with bills, vouchers of the clients.

Document Management Module

Document Management module will deal with documents, specifications, contracts, prosals of the project.

System Messaging Module

System Messaging module deals with sending messages like e-mails. etc. This module will be used to inform developers meeting notifications, dead line date,etc.

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